My Gistful Musings

Fardjad Davari
Published on GitHub Gist

This page contains a selected list of my gists that are written in the style of a blog post (i.e. they are not just code snippets).

A Blog on GitHub Gist?

GitHub Gist is great for writing blog posts because:

  1. It supports Markdown and hosting images.
  2. Readers can leave comments on the gists.
  3. Gists are discoverable in search engines.
  4. Gists are version controlled. So I can keep updating the posts and readers can see the changes.
  5. Writing Markdown in my text editor is much more convenient than using a web-based CMS.

To show the gists in a blog-like format, I wrote a bit of code to fetch the markdown contents of the gists and render them in the browser. You can find the implementation here.

My goal is to keep everything as simple as possible and focus on the content. Even for the content, I'll steer clear of superfluous details and try to keep the articles both useful and to the point.